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Bahai Temple

The Bahai Temple in Kampala is one of the eight houses of worship of the Bahai community that has been built worldwide. Bahai Temple is also known as the 'Mashriqu'I-Adhkar', the Persian translation for 'the dawning place of the praise of God'. It is also the Mother Temple of Africa. This temple is located on Kikaya Hill which is about 6 km from Kampala on Gayaza Road.
Construction of this magnificent temple started in 1958 and was completed after four years and was opened on 15th January 1962. This beautiful temple is the spiritual home of the African Baha’i community which was founded by the Persian mystic Baha’u’llah in the nineteenth century.

The overall construction of this temple in unique in many ways, with wooden interiors and colored glass windows that creates a vibrant hall of ambers, blues, greens and whites. This structure is ranked amongst one of the best in Kampala having nine large entrance doors with interior that appears to merge with the sun-drenched fields and blue and white skies-a reminder of the oneness of God's creation.