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Mengo Palace

Mengo Palace is located on the top of Mengo Hill and is the official palace in Buganda and is considered to be the Capital of the Kingdom. This palace has the distinction of holding all official functions and was used as a reception point for foreign missionaries arriving in Uganda.

Apart from the official Mengo palace the ruling King has the right to own his private palace. This palace has been the official home to the erstwhile and current Kings of Buganda. The official house of the Kabaka’s called Twekobe is also situated at this place.

When Ssekabaka Mwanga 11 was crowned the King in 1885 at an age of 18, he constructed the Mengo Palace. When the palace was completed it started facing lots of problems which forced Mwanga to collaborate with members of the Nvubu clan to transfer the grinding stones (Emmengo) to Mbazi in Kyaggwe. The name Mengo was adopted from these grinding stones and the palace became Mengo Palace and the hill became Mengo hill.